Monday, July 04, 2005

Independence Day

(Note: I submitted this letter this site. I don't think it made it, so I'm putting it here)

To all those serving,

I really don't know how words can convey my deep pride in your selfless defense of our nation and your attempt to bring liberty to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. However, I must try.

I served a tour in Vietnam and know something of what you're going through. My year was the most frustrating, rewarding, frightening, and exhilarating time of my life. I'm sure you feel the same and will always hold that knowledge in your hearts.

There are some here at home who try to undermine our nation's actions and, by extension, your service. Do not listen to them, they are small persons who cannot stand to see others do what they cannot even imagine. They speak of right and wrong, yet know nothing of either. These poseurs do not fool most Americans. Most Americans wholeheartedly support both you and your mission. Do not forget this, for we will never forget you.

It is the 4th of July weekend, and thanks to you and all who have come before, we celebrate America's Independence Day.

Someday, maybe the Iraqis and Afghans will celebrate their own Independence Days, with freedom and in peace.

When that day comes, know one thing, you will have made it possible. Then the world will realize the greatness of your achievement, the immensity of your sacrifice, and the goodness of your souls.

Even though it will never be enough, accept my humble thanks.

George Hamid