Saturday, August 20, 2005

It’s a Deterrent, It’s a Deterrent Not.

BTK killer Dennis Rader has gone to prison for life. He won’t be executed because Kansas did not have the death penalty when he committed the murders:

“Rader could not face the death penalty because Kansas did not reinstate capital punishment until 1994, three years after his last killing.”

If Rader is telling the truth, did the institution of the death penalty deter him from claiming more victims? Or did he remain undeterred and only confess to killings he committed during the non-death penalty period?

Either way, he's still the lowest form of life in the universe.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Sad and the Sickening.

I’m not going to pass judgment on Cindy Sheehan’s actions or opinions. She has lost her son which must be unbearably sad. Is she melting down, or is she acting according to her strong beliefs? Maybe both, I just don’t know.

I will, however, pass judgment on the sickening behavior of the anti-war groups and the media who are using her to advance their agendas, sell more papers, or increase their viewership. If Ms. Sheehan were an alcoholic, these people would be buying her drinks. If she were standing on the roof of a building, threatening to leap to her death, these lowlifes would be yelling “Jump, Jump”. I can imagine no conduct more contemptible.

There is much debate about whether these folks are lazy, ignorant, willfully biased, or lacking a conscience. Well, one thing they clearly lack is a soul.