Wednesday, March 30, 2005

This Really Sucks

Much has been said about the acrimony resulting from the Terri Schiavo affair. Glenn Reynolds sadly posts about the hate mail, the bitter attacks, and the friendships that seem to be slipping away. There have been controversies like this before, but this time it's become a near blood feud. Why is it different now?

Since the late 60's the media and the politicians have increasingly chosen to exploit our differences rather than forge our common interests. They magnify the extremes of our culture and ignore the moderate majority. Why would they do this? The media desires profit and accolades, the politicians want re-election. They both crave power.

The reaction to Terri Schiavo's situation is only a symptom of a greater, more horrible disease. It's not about the judiciary, nor is it about religion or the lack thereof. It's not even about life versus death. It's about what happens to a society when it's leadership sacrifices honor and integrity for power and status. And, it's about how a great nation begins to destroy itself.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Terri Schiavo Affair

Who's to decide between life and death. Should we rely on mortal judgements, with thier biases and their insights, their honor and their deceit? Such a course is, naturally, frightening with it's uncertainity. Or should we adhere to a belief where the decisions are clear? Where they are made by powers greater than us. Oddly, such a course is, still, frightening with it's uncertainity.

I don't know. I wish I did. I do think I know one thing, though.

If God, alone, had been the judge in this, Terri Schiavo would have died the same day she had the heart attack. Her husband, her parents, her friends, would have been spared so much heartache. But God, alone, did not make the decision, we intervened, and now it's not as simple. It seems God, alone, would have been more just, more merciful.

Like it or not, it's not just God, alone, anymore. We don't have the luxury.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Let Me Get This Straight

The Colorado University at Boulder faculty have expressed their support for Ward Churchill, who lied about being a Native American, called all but the janitors killed on 9/11 "little Eichmanns", claimed other's artwork as his own, and plagiarized the writing of fellow academics.

The Harvard University faculty have expressed no confidence in Lawrence Summers, who said that women might not have as great an aptitude for science and math as men.

So let me get this straight, people actually pay money to attend these asylums?